Rogue Trader: Vanguard of Truth

Finding the righteous path
salvage the righteous path parts 3 & 4 400xp each

Finding the Righeous Path

I have beaely heard such stories of heroism before but a swear to the God Emperor, Lord of the boundless magnificance of Mankind that it is true. After recovering the cogitator core from a fallen Explorator lander, May the devine light of the emperor watch over them, the captain set course for the alien ruins on the largest planet in this blighted system. it seems the foul Xenos had in long ages past built some kind of observatory on this world and it would contain the location of our quarry. Knowing the dangers of such heretical contraptions our augst Captain resolved to take the danger upon herself rather than risk the souls of her crew. Taking only a handful of guards, the enginseer prime and her warp guide to interpret the fouls Xenos relic she made for the surface of the world braving an Ion storm she personally flew the lander down to the harsh and hostile world. once on the surface she left some of her guards to guard the ship and i am sure to limit the influece of the foul Xenos. woe but this act of begnin generosity almost led to the gravest of outcomes. as upon entering the Xenos structure she was soon greeted by the sound of gun fire. The forces of the trecherous house Fell had already reached the ruins and were currently engaged in combat with foul Orks. Once more proving her benificience our lady bravely rushed to the aid of her hated rival. The Greenskins prooved to be almost too much grieviously injering both the Enginseer prime and our noble Warp guide. BUt with flashing blade and blazing pistol our great lady overcame the foul creatures saving her comrades and preventing the death of all of the crew to accompany her. such was her majasty at arms the foul Lady Ash was forced to treat with her. Once more showing her begnin nature Lady serfina allowed her rival to leave unmolested and headed into the chamber of the foul xenos machine. using the skills of her warp gude our great captain found the location of the righteous path. Needing speed to return to the lander our great lady commandeered the conveyance the orcs ahd used to reach the ruin. It was good she did as on the way back to the lander she came across a raiding party of orks. using cleaver trickery she rushed past them and delayed their giving chase. this tactic meant that the blighted creatures were too fer behind them to catch up and do harm before all were safely aboard the lander and returning t the cold black of the stars. Quickly we made way to the location of the stricken ship and the greatest treasure any rouge trader has ever taken.
It took us ten days to find the wreck of the righteous path but there it sits on an asteroid not far from us. Our Lady Captain has taken a force to secure the wreck leaving the still ounded Warp guide in charge of this noble vessel. we are uner orders to watch for the fell hand. it seems the ungrateful Lady Ash left some troops to ambush our lady but just like the orcs before them they soon learned of the follooy of attacking our great captain. But Low the hand must have been sighted as the alarms are wailing.

Our voyage begins
Salvage the righteous path part 2 (500xp)

Our voyage begins

Our noble endeavor has truly begun. Our esteemed Captain and her navigator headed out to recover the final piece needed before we could leave port wonder, charts of the gulf showing our destination. while the lady Ramius was off ship, the magos primaries made a discovery that the villains of the fell hand were leaving port and that it is possible that they too know where to begin the search. Divining our most honorable captains wishes the magos ordered the ship made ready to depart as soon as our lady captain returned. Such was it that we left Port wonder and made our way into the maw. our noble navigators did their job well and despite some turbulence in the warp we made it safely to the first transition point along the passage. But low in this

ships graveyard were could hear the desperate calls of help from a pilgrim vessel. Our most esteemed captain could not let such a call o unheeded even on such a time sensitive journey as ours and so we made course for the stricken ship. it became clear why it was stricken when two raiders emerged from the debris and attacked us. flying into action our great captain and her noble crew set out maneuvering the ship into weapon rage trusting the the blessings of our void shields to keep us safe from the smaller vessels. the emperor’s light shined on us and we approached the vicious pirates with out any harm befalling our great vessel. once in range our great captain left orders to keep the vessels in range and fire on to maintain firing while she led noble and heroic sorties deep in the bowels of the raiders using the ships teleportarium. By the aegis of the omnissiah and the Emperors blessing time and time

again she boarded the enemy vessels crippling their key systems. all the men who i have spoken to who saw her operate aboard the enemy vessels describe her as a shining light, destroying her foes no matter where they were. mostly by her actions the raiders were crippled and driven off with no damage to our great ship. once the villainous pirates were seen off beyond our sensor range we returned to the stricken pilgrim ship. the vessel itself was in a bad shape. doing her holy duty, the captain transported and stowed the pilgrims in our great cargo holds and set couse once more for the Coronus expanse. On arrival we delivered the pilgrims to a safe port and some books as payment for the charts and set off once more. the warp journey was swift and without incident. we arrived in a torn apart by waves of radiation from it star. the task of finding the Righteous Path in such an expanse seemed almost

beyond belief but the great captain never wavered, not once. she gave orders to search the planet closest to the sun and work out from there. The emperor must have given her wisdom, for on the closest planet we found a faint signal emanating from a deep crevasse. choosing to lead the ground party her self the great captain led her forces into the crevasse to explore the source of the signal. it was coming from a crashed and ruined Lander baring the divine marks of the mechanicus. in her great wisdom the captain had the ships cogitator searched, in it she found details of a Xenos relic in this system that tracks and records all ships that enter and leave the system. this foul device could be the key to unlocking the location of the righteous path. not wishing to waste such a precious relic she ordered the cogitator core extracted so that it might be returned to the

mechanicus. and made ready to head to the Xenos relic.

Arriving at Port Wander
Session 1 Into the Maw 375xp 0 Endeavor

Bridge Officer Karnak- Keeper of the Great Book of Ramius.
After the Grand ceremony at scintilla, officially transferring the Warrant onto a new Dynast, I was given the honour of adding to the illustrious history ofthis great vessel for as long as I am able.
Our first voyage took us to the grand facilities at Port Wander. The journey passed without incident. On arrival in system, we received the courteous welcome expected for one of our Lady Captain’s stature, but among these, Our Noble Master received a communication supposedly from a lost member of the once great Ramius fleet. Upon receipt and consideration, of this missive Our Noble Master left the ship accompanied only by the haunting Master of Navigators and the enigmatic explorator of the Cult Mechanicus, who serves as our Great Enginseer.

It seems that while off ship, they were approached by a loyal officer of the lamentably departed Sergey Ramius, great grandfather of ourLady Captain. It would appear that the officer had been entrusted with a sacred treasure of the house, a clue to the location of the famed treasure ship The Righteous Path!. But the message was coveted by the honourless rogues of the Fel Dynasty, who attempted to seize it, first using some form of familiar and then by force. A short fight followed, and our estimable Master with the aid of her companions won out and returned with the prize. A Memolith containing astropathic images, which our Navigatrix could read. With a new goal in mind The master navigator set out to obtain charts to aid in the search for the ‘Righteous Path’ and obtaining Our Noble Master’s due.


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