Rogue Trader: Vanguard of Truth

Arriving at Port Wander

Session 1 Into the Maw 375xp 0 Endeavor

Bridge Officer Karnak- Keeper of the Great Book of Ramius.
After the Grand ceremony at scintilla, officially transferring the Warrant onto a new Dynast, I was given the honour of adding to the illustrious history ofthis great vessel for as long as I am able.
Our first voyage took us to the grand facilities at Port Wander. The journey passed without incident. On arrival in system, we received the courteous welcome expected for one of our Lady Captain’s stature, but among these, Our Noble Master received a communication supposedly from a lost member of the once great Ramius fleet. Upon receipt and consideration, of this missive Our Noble Master left the ship accompanied only by the haunting Master of Navigators and the enigmatic explorator of the Cult Mechanicus, who serves as our Great Enginseer.

It seems that while off ship, they were approached by a loyal officer of the lamentably departed Sergey Ramius, great grandfather of ourLady Captain. It would appear that the officer had been entrusted with a sacred treasure of the house, a clue to the location of the famed treasure ship The Righteous Path!. But the message was coveted by the honourless rogues of the Fel Dynasty, who attempted to seize it, first using some form of familiar and then by force. A short fight followed, and our estimable Master with the aid of her companions won out and returned with the prize. A Memolith containing astropathic images, which our Navigatrix could read. With a new goal in mind The master navigator set out to obtain charts to aid in the search for the ‘Righteous Path’ and obtaining Our Noble Master’s due.


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