Rogue Trader: Vanguard of Truth

Finding the righteous path

salvage the righteous path parts 3 & 4 400xp each

Finding the Righeous Path

I have beaely heard such stories of heroism before but a swear to the God Emperor, Lord of the boundless magnificance of Mankind that it is true. After recovering the cogitator core from a fallen Explorator lander, May the devine light of the emperor watch over them, the captain set course for the alien ruins on the largest planet in this blighted system. it seems the foul Xenos had in long ages past built some kind of observatory on this world and it would contain the location of our quarry. Knowing the dangers of such heretical contraptions our augst Captain resolved to take the danger upon herself rather than risk the souls of her crew. Taking only a handful of guards, the enginseer prime and her warp guide to interpret the fouls Xenos relic she made for the surface of the world braving an Ion storm she personally flew the lander down to the harsh and hostile world. once on the surface she left some of her guards to guard the ship and i am sure to limit the influece of the foul Xenos. woe but this act of begnin generosity almost led to the gravest of outcomes. as upon entering the Xenos structure she was soon greeted by the sound of gun fire. The forces of the trecherous house Fell had already reached the ruins and were currently engaged in combat with foul Orks. Once more proving her benificience our lady bravely rushed to the aid of her hated rival. The Greenskins prooved to be almost too much grieviously injering both the Enginseer prime and our noble Warp guide. BUt with flashing blade and blazing pistol our great lady overcame the foul creatures saving her comrades and preventing the death of all of the crew to accompany her. such was her majasty at arms the foul Lady Ash was forced to treat with her. Once more showing her begnin nature Lady serfina allowed her rival to leave unmolested and headed into the chamber of the foul xenos machine. using the skills of her warp gude our great captain found the location of the righteous path. Needing speed to return to the lander our great lady commandeered the conveyance the orcs ahd used to reach the ruin. It was good she did as on the way back to the lander she came across a raiding party of orks. using cleaver trickery she rushed past them and delayed their giving chase. this tactic meant that the blighted creatures were too fer behind them to catch up and do harm before all were safely aboard the lander and returning t the cold black of the stars. Quickly we made way to the location of the stricken ship and the greatest treasure any rouge trader has ever taken.
It took us ten days to find the wreck of the righteous path but there it sits on an asteroid not far from us. Our Lady Captain has taken a force to secure the wreck leaving the still ounded Warp guide in charge of this noble vessel. we are uner orders to watch for the fell hand. it seems the ungrateful Lady Ash left some troops to ambush our lady but just like the orcs before them they soon learned of the follooy of attacking our great captain. But Low the hand must have been sighted as the alarms are wailing.


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